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Unacceptable Conduct

Lossiemouth Football Club endeavour to take action against any form of discrimination that may be deemed Unacceptable Conduct.

The club tries to avoid having any behaviour that would be deemed as unacceptable conduct
A positive atmosphere is appreciated at all matches
Supporters are encourage to police any unacceptable conduct throughout a match at Grant Park and any away fixture involving Lossiemouth Football Club

Lossiemouth Football club look to :

Participate in at least one organised event annually reflecting key anti-discrimination issues.
Implement a system (e.g. texting) to assist supporters in the self policing of supporter conduct at matches.
Offer the tangible support of its players and officials in the form of club publicity including:

1st team player and manager attendance at events/launches.
player and manager anti-discrimination interviews.
Anti-discriminatory pre-match & half-time PA announcements.
Anti-discrimination perimeter hoarding.
Full participation in anti-discrimination weeks of action.
Provision of competition prizes (signed shirt, football and match tickets).
By incorporating a clear policy against discrimination (arrived at in consultation with supporters) within the club and incorporating this policy in supporter charters and communicating it around the stadium and on the club website.
By adopting UEFA’s Ten Point Plan against Racism.
The exclusion (by devising strategy and liaison with local authority) of unacceptable material from within the stadium and its immediate surroundings. This will include the removal of such material following any event at the stadium.
Appropriate pre-match and half-time entertainment to reflect a positive image of the club and challenge any motions of discrimination amongst club supporters.
Praising and reinforcing good behaviour.
Develop a strategy to identify offending “supporters” at home matches by agreeing a course of action with police and stewards to enable these “supporters” to be removed and barred.
Develop a strategy to identify offending “supporters” at away matches by agreeing a course of action with local police and opposition clubs to enable these “supporters” to be removed and barred.

Responsive Actions

Recently used the above policy when discussing with police where Unacceptable Conduct was evident amongst supporters, including use of warnings, definite and indefinite bans.
For the enforcement of refusing entry of Supporters already identified as being reported for unacceptable conduct at the Lossiemouth FC v Auchinleck Talbot (Scottish Cup 2011)
Take disciplinary action against any employee or official at the club who engages in Unacceptable Conduct
Publicise the action taken by the club and make this available to the media as a deterrent to others..
Keep clear records of the number of supporters ejected from Grant Park